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We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of diamond tool products in Fujian, China for more than 20 years. The company has a complete diamond tool industry chain, convenient distribution system, and enjoys a high reputation in domestic and foreign markets. On the basis of advanced technology and comprehensive and systematic research analysis, we continuously develop diamond tools with continuous and reliable quality for different applications.

The main products include various specifications of diamond saw blades, flexible polishing pads, diamond grinding wheels, diamond blades, diamond wires, abrasives and so on. All products have reached the international advanced level and are widely used in cutting, polishing and grinding of stone, concrete, asphalt, ceramics and glass. At present, the products are mainly exported to the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Russia, Brazil, Chile, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa and other countries. We would like to provide you with high quality and service diamond tools. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


For over 20 years, we have been interacting with the world and frequently participating in exhibitions around the world

20 years of history

We have a professional history of 20 years in diamond tools, with rich experience in manufacturing, sales, and service

Sales Technical Service

We have professional personnel to provide you with good pre-sales service and solve various worries for you

Excellent Product Quality

Our diamond tools are renowned for their excellent product quality, outstanding performance, and durability.

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20 Dec 2023
Concrete Preparation and Removal

Murat is your go-to choice for all your concrete preparation and removal needs. Our 5" and 7" cup wheels are specifically designed to handle any project type with ease. With our extensive line of cup ...

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20 Dec 2023
Efficient and Versatile Hand Grinding Tools

When it comes to edge work, having the right tool is crucial. That's why our hand grinding tools are designed to be versatile and efficient, making quick work of those edges. With a variety of siz...

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07 Jan 2024
Murat‘s new website is about to go online

After careful planning and preparation, our brand new diamond tools website is about to go live!Our website will provide you with the highest quality diamond tools, including cutting tools, polishing ...

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07 Jan 2024
2014 American Concrete Exhibition

Murat, a leading diamond supplier, offers a wide range of diamond tools that are in high demand in countries such as the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Russia, Brazil, Chile,...

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07 Jan 2024
2014 Poland Exhibition

For several years, Murat has been cooperating with contractors and agents and providing them with services. Our team has been working hard on how to provide valuable diamond tools to customers. We sin...

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